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The Software (SW) for self-service devices is developed in an integrated manner, considering all business aspects of the Customer’s company activity.

ENGY POST Software has a modular structure that permits to expand software functionality as required and according to financial opportunities of the Customer.

Our company develops Software for the full range of manufactured products:

Software Development Stages


Technical Enquiry on Software (TE)

On this stage we make analysis of functional and technical requirements described in the TE on the SW.

ENGY Company specialists can help in definition of the requirements and development of TE on SW, if your company doesn’t have any precise formalized requirements.


Graphic Interface Design (GUI)

After SW analysis and understanding functional requirements to the system it is developed functional GUI prototype.

On the bases of GUI prototype and Customer’s brand-book goes development of the graphic interface design.



At this stage there is a development of system program code, integration mechanisms and binding of system working logic to the graphic interface.



After development stage, SW and integration mechanisms pass tests for identification of mistakes in a program code and on compliance to functional requirements.


Release and Piloting

Mistakes and discrepancies revealed at the Testing stage are eliminated, repeated testing of the product is carried out and after that a stable SW release, ready for operation is issued.

Further the operational phase of the system begins at which the revealed errors and inaccuracies are eliminated within guarantee obligations.

Process of the software development goes in several directions

The average term of development of the project/hardware-software complex “from scratches” is from 60 to 120 calendar days.

More precise terms are defined by our project managers at a stage of presenting by the Customer of TE on development of the SW or on hardware-software complex.

Guarantee obligations on developed software

All functional failures, bugs, logical, spelling and other errors revealed in system operation are eliminated on a grant basis within 1 calendar year, starting from the moment of signing of the acceptance Act.

Exclusive and non-exclusive rights on the Software

It is possible to purchase as exclusive rights on the SW (an initial code), and non-exclusive rights on the SW (purchase of licenses).