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Russian Post set up a new project - service in delivery of parcels through the PL
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Our company specialization is a "turnkey" implementation of innovative projects in the field of self-service terminals.

If your business has specific requirements being a manufacturing company we can design and produce automated device which will totally meet business needs of your company in particularly, including functional possibilities of the Software.

We propose to our customers a complex solution in the form of hardware-software complex (HSC) which is a self-service Terminal focused on solution of specific tasks with genuine design and necessary Software (SW).

Implementation stages of new project "from scratch"

The average term of development of the new project "from scratch" is about 120 to 180 calendar days.

More precise terms are defined by our design managers at a stage of presenting by the Customer of the following documents:


Each new project is unique. Considering Customer’s requirements to self-service Terminal, Software functionalities and taking into account production capabilities of the company, we develop a unique design of the Terminal in 3D model.

Development and Prototyping (Prototype Model)

After Customer’s confirmation of the terminal’s external view we proceed to the stage of creation of the prototype Terminal within the framework of the new project.

In parallel with the Terminal’s prototyping there are in progress works on software development, under specific Customer’s tasks, and also works on design of unique Terminal’s interface. We provide adaptation of all software elements considering Customer’s particular requests.

Our existing Software know-how solutions allow to reduce considerably terms of SW development for a new project.

After creation of the software product the Customer installs it on his own server base. By agreement our company is ready to offer our services on roll out and customization of Project server hardware.

Software and terminal functionality can be expanded after handover to the Customer if eventually appear new requirements.


After design and implementation of the prototype there comes the product adjustment considering identified discrepancies and problems.

Then we update design documentation and start production of batch lot.