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Russian Post set up a new project - service in delivery of parcels through the PL
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Russian Sberbank has installed Automated Deposit Machine in one of it’s Moscow branches

In the Moscow Sberbank branch serving legal entities there was started project on collection process automation.

Automated Deposit Machine (ADM) installed in the branch at the address Kirovogradskaya St., 8 buildings 3 (add. office 9038/01768), allows to collect cash and to make instant credit of money on the account of legal entity.

The project is realized on the basis of the deposit machine ENGY ADM-1 designed and produces by the ENGY company.

Now legal entities, using the deposit machine ADM-1, can hand over cash without queues.

ADM allows to solve efectivly the following tasks:

Juridical aspect

The Central Bank of Russian Federation since November 1, 2014 allowed the companies to credit revenue on the bank account without participation of collectors and organization’s cashiers (Directive of the Central Bank No. 3353-U). According to the Directive of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation companies can hand over funds via automated self-service devices.

Auto-collection process

For organization of the auto-collection process it is necessary to sign contract with a bank, to open settlement account and to receive personal identifiers (code and password), for identification of the company at performace of transactions through ADM.

Advantages of using ADM