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Russian Post set up a new project - service in delivery of parcels through the Parcel Lockers

Within the "Future OPS" project Russian Post opened an office of a new format at the address Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya Street, 34.

The innovative service "The Last Mile" with use of Parcel Lockers is started in office with the assistance of ENGY Company.

The Last Mile

The international post term "The Last Mile" is the last stage of delivery from office or a distribution center of the logistic operator to the final recipient.

Due to automation with use of Parcel Locker this service makes possible to optimize process of delivery and receiving shipments to the final recipient.
Automation of the stage "The Last Mile" makes possible to up-level the Russian Post customer service. The recipient will be timely informed by SMS on readiness of the order for receiving and will be able to pay and receive the parcel in Parcel Locker without waiting in line.

Today Russian Post clients have an opportunity to receive shipments and orders through the Parcel Locker without need to stand in a queue.
It is possible to make payment in two ways — cash or non-cash (by bank card).

This service is started in the pilot mode and makes possible to receive shipments or orders through the Parcel Locker only for shipments of the "small package" format.

For opportunity to receive shipment through the Parcel Locker it is necessary to specify surely at the order:

1. The shipment type: Register Mail
2. Delivery address: Russia, 119285, Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya St., 34
3. Number of the recipient’s mobile phone

At observance of all these conditions the operator of Russian Post contacts the client and optionally gives opportunity to receive shipment through the Parcel Locker.

* You can track the movement of your parcel through the Russian Federation territory according to the "tracking number", received on the Russian Post site or with the help of the installed mobile application.

Parcel of the "small package" format is the majority of parcels which come to recipients from such platforms as Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.

The development of such innovation with due regard to territorial distribution of Russian Post branches will allow to enhance the quality of customer service and to increase their loyalty to the post operator.

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